This article is from Aug 27, 2021

Rumour has it that Madan Ravichandran’s wife complained about his mental health!


My husband’s mental health is unstable now. The woman named Venba is misguiding him – complains Madan’s wife.

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YouTuber Madan Ravichandran has released a video of Tamil Nadu BJP member K.T.Raghavan on his YouTube channel Madan Diary and it gained attention. Subsequently, he released an audio clip of the conversation with TN BJP Chief Annamalai.

In this scenario, Puthiya Thalaimurai news card claiming that Madan’s wife has complained about his mental health issues is being circulated. Few of the social media users comment that the news card is edited wherein a few others seem to share it.

What is the Truth?

No such news is found on the Puthiya Thalaimurai Facebook page regarding Madan Ravichandran. We found one of the August 26 dated news card was edited.

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The original news card holds the information that 1559 covid cases were confirmed in a single day in Tamil Nadu. And this data was edited.


The Puthiya Thalaimurau news card claiming that Madan’s wife complains about his mental health and is also being misguided by a woman Venba is not true. The claimed news card is an edited one.

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