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Were Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram accused number one in Mallya’s case by London court ?


Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram who recommended banks to order loans to Mallya are accused number one – London court’s judgement.

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A screenshot of a tweet claiming that Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram are accused number one in Mallya’s Indian banks’ loan case by the London court is spreading virally on social media.

What is the truth?

When we tried looking for the names of Former Congress Government Prime Minister and Finance Minister in the judgement reports of Vijay Mallya’s case no such names were found.

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When we searched backwards with the screenshot of the tweet, we found that the tweet was shared widely in June 2020 where we came to know that it is being shared now again.

It is nowhere in any of the articles of International media or Indian media about the claimed judgement in 2020. When we searched to find the basis behind the spread of such information we found an article dated 5th June 2020 by East Coast Daily. But the article seems to be a pure allegation with no proof. With our further search, we came across a Tamil article dated 21st December 2019 by ‘Vijayabharatham’ that contain the same piece of information East Coast Daily had published in English.

The article reported that hearing Mallya’s case, Justice Emma Arbuthnot stated that “Indian banks had violated their own rules and conditions in lending to Vijay Mallya’s airline company Kingfisher. This can be seen with closed eyes. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Chidambaram ordered loans to Mallya despite the bank’s rejection. Though many of the banks had blacklisted Vijay Mallya, Congress government had ordered loan to Mallya which was exposed clearly by the Westminster Magistrate Court of London”.

Vijayabharatham website has mentioned the Telegraph India article as a reference which was published in December 2019. However, the Telegraph India article had no mentions of Manmohan Singh or Chidambaram as accused number one in Mallya’s case.

BBC Tamil article dated 10th December 2018 stated, “Justice Arbuthnot has mentioned that it is seen that Indian banks had violated their rules and regulations”.

Vijay Mallya’s case was started in 2018 in a sub court and has moved to the high court in 2020 and then to the supreme court. Neither in the judgement reports in 2018 nor the judgement reports in 2020, it is mentioned about Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram as accused number one by any of the justice. Therefore, it is clear that the information was cooked with a political agenda.


The London court has not mentioned Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram who ordered loans to Mallya as accused number one. And is also clear that no such judgement was rendered.

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