Mamta’s minor car accident from January 2024 is falsely mocked with the recent fall image!


Spot the difference




Following the fall, CM Banerjee struck her head against a glass showcase, resulting in a deep cut on her forehead. The 69-year-old was subsequently taken to the state-run SSKM Hospital.

SSKM Hospital director Dr Manimoy Bandopadhyay said, “Chief Minister of West Bengal reported to our hospital today around 07.30 pm with a history of fall within the vicinity of her home due to some push from behind. She had a cerebral concussion and had a sharp cut over her forehead and nose which was bleeding profusely. Three stitches were applied on the forehead and one on the nose and the required dressing was done. Investigations like ECG, CT scan, etc were done”.

Meanwhile, an image showing Mamta with injuries made in a collage format is circulated on social media. This post shows one side of heavy stitches and the other with a band-aid on Mamta’s face. This is shared stating “Spot the difference.” One similar claim post can be seen here.


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What’s the truth?

We started our analysis with a simple reverse image search, which led us to an article by India Today carrying the same viral image with a band-aid.

The article was published on January 24, 2024, titled, “Mamata Banerjee injured in a car accident, says ‘I wouldn’t have survived if…’”

After reading the entire article, we learned that West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, suffered injuries in a minor vehicle collision while returning to Kolkata from Bardhaman. Due to inclement weather, Mamata Banerjee was traveling back in her car. The Chief Minister was hurt when a car unexpectedly pulled in front of her convoy and the driver quickly applied the brakes. The Trinamool leader was being returned to Kolkata for medical attention after sustaining minor head injuries.

When we dug a little deeper, we found many articles carrying the same news of Mamta’s car accident from January 2024, which can be read here, here, and here.

We have also attached a comparison image of Mamta’s January car accident image and recent fall image for the reader’s reference below.

All the above information clarifies that the viral image from the January car accident is falsely linked to the recent fall of Mamta Banerjee as if she is faking it. Actually, both images are from two different accidents.


The viral claim mocking the difference between the two Mamta Banerjee accident images is false and misleading.

In reality, one side shows the recent fall on 15 March and the other with a band-aid shows a minor car accident from January 2024.

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