Man flinging the minor girl in Kerala is not a Hindu extremist


The principle of the jungle, this ignorance that is practiced against a child just because she is a Muslim or wears a hijab.. What kind of degenerate racism is this?!

In the Indian state of Kerala, this Hindu extremist committed this act in front of a 9-year-old Indian Muslim girl on her way to school.!!

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A CCTV footage of a man flinging a little girl is shared on social media with a claim that the man is a Hindu extremist and he did this just because the girl is Muslim or because she wears a burqa. This incident from Kerala, India is shared with such a claim in Arabic. Such posts can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the keywords from the claim it is found that the incident did take place in Kerala and that the man was arrested by Kerala police. The ‘Times of India’ article dated 18, November 2022, reported “Police have arrested a man who lifted a nine-year-old girl and threw her to the ground without any provocation at Udyavaram near Manjeswaram in Kasaragod on Thursday. The arrested has been identified as Aboobacker Siddique, 30, a resident of Udhyavaram”.

The ‘Manorama News’ reported the news on its Youtube channel and published an article on 17, November 2022 mentioning that Aboobacker Siddique stays near the minor girl’s house.

The News Minute article dated 18, November, 2022 reported that he has been booked for attempt to murder, sexual assault, and other charges based on the girl’s statement. It is mentioned that the police are yet to find out the reason behind the man’s brutal act. The same information is relayed in several other mainstream media including NDTV.


It is found that the man flinging a minor girl in Kerala is Aboobacker Siddique, a Muslim and not a Hindu extremist.

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