Not a Muslim, but a ‘Spaniard’ is deported for pushing a woman down the stairs of the Paris metro.


Look…. The Muslim community has a problem with women

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Opposition lawmakers in France dealt a significant blow to President Emmanuel Macron’s government on 11, December 2023 by rejecting an immigration bill without even discussing it. The proposed law was considered a key initiative for Macron’s administration.

Meanwhile, a viral video is widely shared on X handle claiming that a Muslim man pushed a woman down the stairs. Some captioned the video that the Muslim community has problems with women. The same viral video was shared by social media users and can be seen here, here, here and here

What is the truth?

We ran a reverse image search of keyframes and found the full original version video posted on the Viral Tab YouTube Channel on 24, April 2021. This incident took place at Porte de la Chapelle metro station, in Paris, France.

It shows a blonde woman having a row with the man, who was calmly talking on the telephone and having an argument with the woman at the same time. She lunged at him but decided to leave. As she turned away, he pushed her and she narrowly avoided serious injury by grabbing the rail, still bumping her head.

French police arrested the man at Roma camp in Osny for pushing a blonde woman down the steps. France’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Migrant Services And Multicultural Affairs Marlene Schiappa also made a statement in the X handle.

This news was also reported by French news website Malaga hoy. According to the website the incident occurred on 17, April 2021. According to all the above reports the man is a Spaniard not a Muslim.


The 2-year-old video from Paris is shared to falsely accuse the Muslim community, but the accused is a Spaniard in this incident.

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