This article is from Oct 19, 2020

Was this man sentenced to death in Syria for being a Christian?


He was sentenced to death for preaching the gospel in Syria. And he laughed at the gallows because he knew it was time to meet Christ. Meanwhile, many of us are distracted by these worldly things. Only what is done for Christ will last. Will you die for believing in the Lord Jesus Christ? Also, is the joy of the Lord among you?

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A photo of a man standing on the gallows with a smile has been shared in several languages, saying that he was sentenced to death in Syria because he believed in Christ and smiled when he was hanged because of his intense faith in God.

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Fact check:

Some days before the same photo was shared as “A hacker named Hamza Bandelladj has been hacking US banks and stealing millions of dollars to help the poor in many countries (Palestine). He was sentenced to death and hanged with a smile on his face before being hanged. ” but, that too was a misinformation and we had published a article regarding this.

Majid, who is accused of assassinating an Iranian judge in 2007, and his son-in-law, Hossein Kavosifar, were hanged in public on a crane in Tehran’s Ershad court complex. Majid in the viral photo.

Majid and his son-in-law Hossein, who assassinated Judge Hassan Moqqaddas in central Tehran in 2005, were both sentenced to death two years later. Before being hanged, Majid smiles and shakes hands with his nephew.


In our search, false information was circulated that a young man had been sentenced to death and hanged because he was a Christian in Syria.

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