Letter of BJP-supported regional party member is peddled as Manipur Congress president’s.


Manipur Congress President has written letter to Rahul Gandhi saying that Congress is responsible for current problem by infiltrating Rohingyas & Bangladeshi for its vote bank. This is what @INCIndia is all about. They will destroy the country for their personal gain

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Manipur has witnessed inter-ethnic clashes between Meitei or Meeitei and Kuki tribal communities against the provision of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to non-tribal Meitei community, while 34 recognized tribal communities are living there. Rahul Gandhi recently visited Manipur and met the families affected by Manipur violence.

Meanwhile, a 1:39-second video of India Today news report is widely circulated to claim that Manipur Congress President has written a letter to Rahul Gandhi saying that Congress is responsible for the current problem by infiltrating Rohingyas & Bangladeshi for its vote bank. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the news report closely we found that it is Manipur regional party leader and not Manipur congress president as claimed.

The news video shared in the viral post is found on India Today Twitter page and it reports that Manipur regional party blames Congress for the violence. The news reported the name of the person as Naorem Mohen.

With further search, we found India Today article reporting the same. The article reported Manipur Patriotic Party’s General Secretary (Org), Naorem Mohen blamed the Congress Party for being the root cause of the present crisis in the northeastern hill state.

“He alleged that the crisis is the outcome of the continuation of the British Policy of Meitei containment by the Indian National Congress Party by encouraging illegal immigration from Myanmar and Bangladesh and converting them into a vote bank and not because of a fight between two communities”, the article reported. He also quoted the same in the letter to Rahul Gandhi.

When searching the profile page of Naorem Mohen, we found his Twitter Bio mentioning him as the General Secretary of the Manipur Patriotic Party (MPP) and Editor of Signpost news. The letter that he has sent to Rahul Gandhi is seen posted on his Twitter page.

One of his old posts from 2014 shows a picture of him with Modi and the caption says that he supported Modi. Another photo posted in 2021 shows him with Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh.

We also found Manipur Patriotic Party’s Twitter page. The Bio mentions it as ‘your own regional party’. Not many details are found about this party or its members. However, multiple tweets of Naorem Mohen, General Secretary of this party are found tweeting in support of Modi.


It is found that India Today news video reporting about the letter sent to Rahul Gandhi by a person from a political party in Manipur is shared to falsely claim that Manipur Congress President blames Congress for Manipur violence.

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