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Was Maridas fined Rs 1.5 crore in defamation case?


The court has been warned Maridhass, not to spread fake news and ordered him to pay a fine of Rs 1 1/2 crore in a defamation suit filed by a Sun News Editor-in-Chief Gunasekaran.

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In a defamatory video of YouTuber Maridas News18 defaming former editor-in-chief of Tamil Nadu news television Gunasekaran, senior journalist Jeevasagaptham and senior journalist Asif, he alleged that many of the employees of News18 TV were behind the DK and DMK.

This sparked controversy. In July last year, News18 news agency filed a case against Maridas in the Chennai High Court seeking Rs 1.5 crore in damages. After that, Gunasekara left News18. However, that case was under investigation.

In this case, it is being spread on social media that the verdict issued by the judges against Maridas ordered him to pay Rs 1.5 crore as compensation is a false news.

Fact Check:

There is no information that the Chennai High Court has given its verdict in the case against Maridas. In fact, the defamation case between Maridas and News18 TV is still pending in the court, according to the website of the Chennai High Court.

Recently, in the trial of this case in the Chennai High Court, YouTuber Maridas has approached Network18 to compromise. In that regard, the judge had asked whether Gunasekaran, a former News 18 editor, had also reached a compromise.

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In this context, journalist Gunasekaran said, “No compromise from my side. I was a victim of malicious slander and agenda-driven abuse. The fight for justice will continue with the same vigour.” in his tweet.

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Last year, Maridas acknowledged his allegations against News18 employees and claimed that an email sent to him by Network18. But, we published the article with the evidence that it was a fraudulent email.


In our search, the information spread that the Chennai High Court had imposed a fine of Rs 1 1/2 crore in the defamation case filed by Gunasekaran against YouTube Maridas was false. It is learned that the case is still under trial.

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