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Placing a fan near the nose and avoiding the mask will increase the oxygen consumption of the corona patients?




A complete curfew has been imposed in various states as the number of corona victims in India continues to rise day by day. People affected by the second wave of corona are in high demand of oxygen and we have been hearing reports across the country including lack of oxygen in the hospital.

In this case, those who claim that the lack of oxygen should seek wood, it is a long-term solution, and how to get oxygen if you wear a mask, you will often find people advising people not to wear a mask.

In a video posted on the Healer Basker’s Facebook page entitled “How to Increase Oxygen Level”, “Mask blocks the Oxygen Replenishment and Carbon Oxygen Repeatedly Inhales.” Oxygen level will high only if you stop putting on the mask. Keep the oxygen in the ventilator until it is depleted. Just place a small fan or table fan near your nose. If the air on the side of the nose circulates fast, the oxygen will be fine if checked in an hour. ”The 3.51-minute video has gone viral with millions of views and thousands of shares.

The video of Healer Bhaskar speaking has been shared on social media saying he lacks even basic knowledge and has been teased with comment. However, we will look in detail at what the purpose of wearing the mask is, whether wearing the mask reduces oxygen, and whether the carbon dioxide emitted during wearing the mask is harmful.

Fact Check:

Some people do not know the basis of why corona patients have oxygen problems. The atmosphere around us is about 20.9 percent full of oxygen. When a person becomes ill, the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere decreases. Patients are given pure oxygen in such a situation. The patient’s lungs are most affected by the corona virus. Therefore, oxygen has to be supplied from the outside.

“A doctor in England has created a video to show that wearing a mask does not affect oxygen levels. Dr. Hannah Burham-Brown is wearing four different masks at the same time to test her oxygen levels. He says the oxygen level is 99%. I think there is a lot of concern about wearing a mask at the moment, it is very important that we get the right information, ”the BBC English media released the video in July 2020.

According to Dr. Praveen, “Oxygen in the atmosphere is 21%. This cannot be reduced by the mask. The mask is a filter that reduces small particles depending on the size of the particles. A cloth-like mask will reduce dust penetration, while N95-like will reduce viruses and bacteria. The reason for advising to wear a mask is to reduce the spread of the virus from one person to another.

Exhaust air contains a concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) when the mask is worn. This is 10 times more than the atmosphere. But, it exits through the holes in the mask. It does not control ventilation. The concentration in the inhaled air is mixed compared to atmospheric air, but does not cause any problems with the oxygen level.

Cloth mask and surgical mask are less dangerous than N95. The N95 mask can increase the amount of CO2 in the inhaled air because health workers wear it for a long time, but it does not change the level of O2. Thus they may have fatigue and headaches. But, it does not reduce the level of O2 in the blood or air.

Placing the fan near the nose will only increase the speed of the air, not the concentration of oxygen in the air. That would be only 21%. There are various things like medical oxygen to increase the concentration of inhaled air, ”he explained.

Ben Newman, a Texarna virologist at the University of Texas A&M, told the PolitiFact site, “A mask may add some resistance to the breathing process, which may feel like it takes a little more work to take a breath, but it does not alter the air coming through the mask.”

In August 2020, UC San Diego Health, California released a video entitled “Experiments show that masks do not cause oxygen deficiency”.


In our search, Healer Basker’s claim that wearing a mask reduces oxygen and that placing a fan near the nose increases oxygen levels in a matter of hours is misleading.

Wearing the mask does not affect the oxygen level and the carbon dioxide does not change the oxygen level. Doctors and experts advise wearing a mask to control the spread of corona infections. It is normal to have problems like fatigue and headaches due to wearing the mask for a long time.

However, we are aware that there is a constant flow of explanations on the part of doctors and experts internationally for the sharing of unwanted information.

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