This article is from Feb 16, 2021

Rumored photoshop image that May 17 movement marched to greet Mia Khalifa!




On the Facebook page of K. Munusamy, a photo was posted with the slogan “Long live Mia Khalifa, Sunny Leone” on the banner carried by the women at the May 17 rally. It was able to see that many people sharing this photo.

As the searched for the May 17 movement’s Ambedkar rally, we came across news related to the blue shirt rally in Coimbatore last year. Following this, I went to the May 17 Movement’s website and searched for the “Blue Shirt Rally” and found the real photo in a photo gallery published in February 2020 entitled “May Seventeen Movement at the Blue Shirt Rally & Caste Abolition Conference”.

On May 17, under the banner it is mentioned as “Let the blue of equality spread! ”Is featured. In it, Mia Khalifa, Sunny Leone and the porn site are being edited and misrepresented.

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Earlier, a fake photoshopped photo of Congressmen feeding cake to the Mia Khalifa banner went viral across India.


In our search, we were able to find out that Mia Khalifa, Sunny Leone image was deliberately edited on photoshop on a banner carried on behalf of the May 17 movement at the Blue T-shirt rally in Coimbatore in 2020 and spreading it incorrectly.

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