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Is this the wheel of the Mayan astronomy calendar?


This wheel in the picture is used to detect the astronomy of the Mayans. Luck will come looking for us as soon as we see this. This was hidden from the enemy. But the country became very poor. Because this wonderful plate was given by God to give wealth to all. A photograph of this wheel is currently housed in a museum in London. It was spotted by an employee working there and photographed. He shared it with a friend and he got a promotion and big cash help in a few days. His friend refusing to share it he suffered the biggest loss in the friend business and his health was also badly affected. So share this lucky wheel with close friends.




The rumors that the world might end after 2012, according to Mayan predictions, were spread by conspiracy theorists and eventually proved to be false. Again, it is noteworthy that in June the rumor spread that the world could be destroyed in 2020 due to differences between the Mayan calendar and the calendar currently in use.

Similarly, those who see the wheel that the Mayans used in photography used for astronomy can get wealth and promotion and rise in life, so these posts have been circulating on social media sites for the past 3 years claiming to share this photo with your close friends. Followers were also asked to comment on its authenticity.

Fact Check:

We even got to see multiple posts with different photos attached to the same static message. While reverse searched the viral photo we got many photos related to the Mayan calendar in search results. However, after a long search, similar photos were found in the Aztec calendar (Sun Stone) similar to the viral photo


While searching for the Aztec calendar, we came across a YouTube video released in 2019 that is located in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico. In it, visitors to the museum are photographed near it. The wheel-shaped structure in the viral photo can also be seen to be together.

According to, “The Aztec calendar is a calendar system based on the Mayan calendar. Used in the valley of Mexico before the destruction of the Aztec Empire. Like the Mayan calendar, the Aztec calendar has a 260-day ritual cycle and a 365-day civil cycle. A circular Aztec calendar was invented in Mexico City in 1790. It was about 12 feet in diameter and weighed 25 tons. It is currently on display at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. ”

The Aztec calendar is said to have been created based on the Mayan calendar. The exhibit in the museum is made entirely of rock without being taken from the carved rock. If you search the internet for the Mayan calendar, you will find more photos of the Aztec calendar.

Rumour has it that the Aztec calendar (Sun Stone) is the wheel used to discover the astronomy of the Mayans with photography, and that it would bring good luck if shared with close friends. It is not in London, it is located in Mexico. If good luck happens to the sharers then good luck will also happen the millions of people who shared this photo on the internet and to those who saw it in person. Do not spread such nonsense.

Not only this, in one such post they have used the photograph of the artistic excellence located in the Tiruchengode temple claiming to be the wheel of the Mayan period.



In our search, we learn that the wheel used to detect the astronomy of the Mayans is a fake story made up of luck, and that the accompanying photo belongs to the Aztec calendar known as the Sun Stone in Mexico.


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