Rumours are spread that a Meitei woman told opposition parties “Modi will take care of us”.


All Dravida Dumiel Tamil Poralies, go bloody hang yourself… Meithi woman tears Kanimozhi asking, where was DMK all these years, you go back Moji ji will take care of us.

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Manipur is a small state in India located in the northeastern part of the country. Recently the state is witnessing a severe violent clash between two ethnic groups of people living in the hill regions. With the tense situation not resolving in the state of Manipur, a team of 21 MPs from the alliance of I.N.D.I.A  belonging to both houses of Parliament visited Manipur on 29 July to review the condition in the state.

During this visit, a Meitei ethnic woman asked Kanimozhi, a member of the Lok Sabha from the DMK party, “Where was the DMK all these years?” A 2:17-minute video of Republic TV saying, “You go back, Modiji will take care of us” is going viral on social media.

What is the truth?

A simple Google reverse image search of the keyframes of the viral video revealed that the entire video was recorded on Republic World media’s official YouTube page on July 29. A perusal of the 2:17-minute video circulating on social media shows a Meitei woman speaking emotionally to the MPs in English in the middle of the crowd.

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She told that “No effective action has been taken by the government, by the Central Government. Why not take this issue up in Parliament earlier? But why bring it up only after the viral video? Why? And with the concern of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, why do you bring up the viral video only?

A similar incident happened to an old woman and an old lady earlier. The wife of a freedom fighter from Suklu, from Seroh, was burned alive in her home. Why not bring up that issue? If they are totally against crime, against women why not bring up that? Not just that.

On the night of May 3, and on May 4 and 5, most of the victims were still stuck in Churachandpur. Most of the villagers are stuck there. There are rape victims. Churachandapur Meitei women were raped. But why don’t we stand out? Because we are scared for our future. We are scared because we are women. We want to save our future. That’s why we don’t stand out. If you want the evidence, carry out medical tests for every woman.

And why not? Have the Meitei ever started burning the houses of Kukis? They were the first ones to burn our houses, to destroy our houses, to ruin our future. They destroy everything. We stay there with hope. Lots of future, building up lots of future. Our parents are taking care of us and sending us to schools hoping that we will become officers and take care of the family some day. To run a family is not an easy thing. They have been building up that for more than 50 years. Everything was destroyed.

And if they are still asking for the evidence that the Meitei burn the houses of the Kukis, why not use the satellite? They can prove everything. Why not use it? Why is the government still not effective even after 89 days?” It could be seen that the woman spoke emotionally.

According to our research, the woman did not criticize the DMK government and had not told anywhere in the video that Modiji will take care of them, as the Hindu Makkal Katchi and BJP have been spreading lies on social media.

On the contrary, it can be seen that this woman is harshly criticizing the Modi government.


In our research, we conclude that the information spread by many BJP members including the Hindu Makkal Katchi on social media about the Meitei woman criticizing the DMK, MP Kanimozhi and I.N.D.I.A alliance party is completely false and misleading.  

Moreover, nowhere in the video did the woman say that Modi will take care of them.

And it is clearly visible that the woman is upset about the ineffective ruling of the BJP governments in both the centre and the state as well.

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