Mexico drug cartel horrific murder video has no connection to the ongoing Manipur violence.


I have received this video in my Whatsapp claiming that this incident happened in Manipur. Please verify this.



YouTurn received this anonymous tip in our Whatsapp chat, asking us to check the authenticity of a horrific video. The chat goes like this;

Hi, You Turn! I have received this video in my Whatsapp claiming that this incident happened in Manipur. Please verify this.

Note: We have not uploaded the viral video considering the cruelty of the details shown in the murder. (Cutting and chopping body parts)

In Manipur, a video of some Meitei youths dragging two Kuki women and parading them completely naked went viral on social media last month. Following this incident, nowadays we come across so much news related to Manipur circulating on social media.

In this case, a video claiming that three men were murdered and chopped to death in Manipur is going viral on WhatsApp. And in that video, we can see bodies scattered in pieces. Readers sent this video to our YouTurn WhatsApp number asking us to check the authenticity of the video.

What’s the truth?

YouTurn used the simple keyframes of the video circulating on WhatsApp through Google’s reverse image search process and revealed that the video was not shot in Manipur.

The Gorecenter website posted a viral video on December 18, 2022, titled “Group of people butchering 3 men”. It further states “Drug cartel members massacre 3 bodies of already dead men. They are obviously enjoying this activity as one of them can be heard laughing.”

Similarly, another news related to this video was also found on the same website. A press release dated December 15, 2022, with the caption “Three men were tortured and cut into pieces” was also seen referring to the same scenes featured in the video.

Moreover, the article briefs that it happened in MEXICO. “Three men – members of a hostile cartel – were tortured and then executed and cut into pieces. Subsequently, their remains were left by the roadside along with a warning message”, the article reported.

Thus, the above evidence proves that the incident took place in Mexico.

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In our research, we conclude that the video circulating on WhatsApp with the claims of three men beheading in Manipur is completely false. This video is an old one from Mexico and the above cruel incident has no connection with the ongoing violence in Manipur.

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