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Fact Check: Video of Michael Jackson’s “Give Thanks to Allah” is True?


How many of us have heard Michael Jackson pronounce the names of Allah?

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In recent days a 2-minute video was shared by many on social networking sites which contain Former United States President Bill Clinton enjoying Michael Jackson’s performance.

Our subscribers were also asked us to post about this video. While searching for this we were able to see this video being shared on social websites every year since last 2017.

Fact Check:

When we searched for the video that went viral that Michael Jackson sang the name of Allah was titled as “Give Thanks to Allah” went viral worldwide. But, it is not a real video.

Michael Jackson performed “Gone too soon” and “Heal the world” at Bill Clinton’s inauguration on January 1, 1993. The video was edited by merging Jackson’s video over audio of a song sung by South African singer Zain Bhikha, ”thenews” website reported in 2018.

The viral video has been picked from the 53rd-second of the original video of Michael Jackson’s “Gone too soon” and “Heal the world” in 1993 in the presence of Bill Clinton. But, you can hear in the video what is actually featured in that area.


In our search, we came to know that the viral video claiming that Michael Jackson pronouncing the names of Allah was is false. It is the voice of South African singer Zain Bhikha singing dubbed over the top of a video of Jackson performing at Clinton’s 1993 inauguration.

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