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H. Raja posted the wrong procurement price of cow’s milk as Rs 27.16 per litre!


The prices of all the products sold by Aavin including curd, butter and ghee have been increased. And in the last 4 years, the price of cow feed has increased sharply, but the procurement price of cow’s milk has not been increased from 27.16 per litre which was fixed on 19.8.2019.



Tamil Nadu BJP senior leader H. Raja on his Twitter page, “the price of cow feeder has increased drastically in the last four years. However, since the last year 2019, the procurement price of cow’s milk has not been increased from 27.16 rupees per litre, and the price of all products like curd, butter and ghee has increased.”

What is the truth?

The recent 5% GST levy on packaged branded products has also pushed up the price of Aavin’s milk products. It received criticism.

But when searching for the rise in milk procurement price, the previous AIADMK regime issued an ordinance regarding milk procurement price. In the government order issued by the Tamil Nadu Dairy Department on 19.8.2019, ‘the current procurement price of one litre of cow’s milk has been increased by Rs 4-/(Rupees four only) per litre from Rs 28.00 to Rs 32.00. The present procurement price of buffalo milk is increased by Rs.6 per unit from Rs.35 to Rs.41,” it said.

After that, there was no change in the procurement price of milk after DMK came to power in 2021. After DMK came to power, the price of milk has been reduced by 3 rupees.

”In the year 2019, the procurement price of cow’s milk was raised by Rs.4 to Rs.32 per litre and buffalo’s milk was raised by Rs.6 to Rs.41 per litre and this is the recently updated price. The Tamil Nadu Milk Producers Association had demanded in May 2022 that the price of cow’s milk should be increased to Rs 42 and buffalo’s milk to Rs 51 as everything including cow feed has gone up.”

Subsequently, on May 25, Dairy Minister Nasser spoke to the media in Vellore, “A report has been submitted to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to increase the procurement price of milk. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin will soon notify the announcement regarding the increase in milk procurement price by considering the wellness of farmers.”


The procurement price of milk in Tamil Nadu has not been increased since 2019. However, the procurement price per litre of cow’s milk fixed on 19.8.2019 is not Rs.27.16 but Rs.32. H. Raja mentioned the old price. It is also known that Dairy Minister Nasser has announced that the procurement price of milk will be increased soon.

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