New education policy: Minister Ponmudi’s speech is misleading!


Ready to follow new education policy – Minister Ponmudi!



Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister Ponmudi has said that he is ready to follow the good plans in the new education policy of the central government, as per the news channels and it has gone viral on social media. Moreover, various questions have been raised on the status of state language policy stated by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

What is the Truth?

Governor Ravi, Minister Ponmudi and ISRO scientist Sivan were present at the graduation ceremony of Coimbatore Bharathiyar University. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Ponmudi, when the Governor was on the podium spoke on various issues such as women should be educated and one can learn any language they want, but Hindi should not be imposed.

In the 13th minute of the above video, Minister Ponmudi can be seen saying, “the bilingual policy of Tamil and English has been followed in Tamil Nadu for a long time. Anna gave an example. In a house, one puts a big hole for the cat to go and a small hole for the rat to go. Another person from the house opposite to theirs asked if the rat would not go in the hole where the cat goes. We are learning English as an international language and Tamil as a local language. We are ready to accept the good plans in the new education policy. But we will only follow our education policy in Tamil Nadu.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has appointed a committee of academicians to establish the education policy of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu’s education policy will be formulated based on this committee. Therefore, we express our thoughts to the Governor. He is expected to understand that and explain our position to the Central Government.

Tamil Nadu students are ready to study any language they want. Hindi is an optional language. It should not be forced. Tamil and English are the only two compulsory languages. This is what will be implemented by the Tamil Nadu State Education Policy Committee”.


It is clear that what Minister Ponmudi said about being ready to accept the good plans in the new education policy alone has been taken and is misleading. However, it is confusing to see the news channels not publishing the statement that the state education policy will be implemented in Tamil Nadu.

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