This article is from Jan 28, 2021

Did Dindigul Srinivasan say that even if the Amma was alive the memorial would not be such a special?


Even if Amma ( J. Jeyelalitha ) had been alive the memorial could not have been set up so well. Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy will definitely get the grace of Amma – Minister Dindukkal Srinivasan



A News 7 news card has gone viral after Minister Dindukal Srinivasan made a controversial remark after the inauguration of the memorial of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on January 27.


Dindigul Srinivasan, who recently spoke controversially about the Edappadi regime, can speak in a variety of controversial ways. Therefore, they have created a fake news card that he spoke like this about the Jayalalithaa memorial and are spreading it on political pages on social media.

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Fact Check:

Jayalalithaa’s memorial opening ceremony was held on January 27, 2021. However, the date on which the news card will go viral is January 27, 2020. Also, the text of the message on the news card seems to have been edited.

Examining the Facebook page of News7 Tamil News, it was learned that such news cards have not been published recently and have been forged and edited in the news card published last year.

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