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Tamil Nadu Minister S.P. Velumani’s 200 crore luxury bungalow?


Where did all these luxuries come from…? Income tax officers do not know the address…?

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On October 6, the Facebook page of the Daily AMMK said, Income tax officers do not know the address…? ” The 1-minute video, which shows the fast-paced luxury bungalow, has been shared by thousands and viewed by millions. Tamil Nadu Minister SP Velumani has mentioned in this video with a photo his house built at a cost of 200 crores.

Last May, social media users claimed Malayalam film actor Mamooty built a luxury bungalow in Ernakulam and shared a video of the same luxury bungalow on social media, including Twitter.

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However, the luxury bungalow shown in the video does not belong to actor Mammootty. On May 23, 2020 on Malayali Media YouTube channel “Mr Reji’s Luxury Home at kuruppampady @ Perumbavoor | Cenimatic Video ”is the title of the film.

According to the video footage, “The 10,000-square-foot house is located in the Kurupambadi area of Perumbavoor and the owner’s name is Reji.”

On May 26, 2020, the English Manorama website interviewed Reji, the owner of the bungalow. In the interview, he said, “The video of my house in Kuruppambadi is being spread on social media as Mammootty’s house. This house was designed by Sebastian Jose. We celebrated our homecoming in February of this year. We took videos of my house for my personal use. They filmed and gave it to us. But one of them published it as Mammootty’s house in TikTok. ”


In our search, the video of Reji’s house in Kuruppambadi, Kerala is being circulated as the house of Tamil Nadu Minister SP Velumani, which was earlier rumoured to be the house of actor Mammootty.

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