It is rumoured that Chief Minister Stalin captures two bishops without moving the pawns!


Not only in India, but across the world, the only team that captures two bishops without moving pawns is our karakatta party.

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As the International Chess Olympiad is to be held in Tamil Nadu from today, Prime Minister Modi is coming to Chennai to inaugurate the tournament. The preparations for the chess tournament are being carried out by the Tamil Nadu government.

Meanwhile, this picture of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, claiming that he played chess capturing two bishops without moving a single pawn, is going viral on social media.

What is the truth?

Udhayanidhi Stalin shared a photo of Stalin playing chess on Twitter saying, “Today we reviewed with Honorable Chief Minister Stalin the work done in Mamallapuram to present to the international participants who will participate in Chess Olympiad 2022 on 27th July.”

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If we see the pieces outside the chess game in the viral photo properly, they can be identified as queens and not bishops. Also, we can see the black and white bishops available on both sides on the chess board.

Even the match between Viswanathan Anand and Praggnanandhaa in Tata Steel Chess India 2018 shows two extra queens being given. Thus in various chess games, two additional queens are kept.

”There are two additional queens in the game of chess. When a pawn is moved to the last row on the opponent’s side in the game, a special opportunity is given to convert the pawn into a queen,” says the ‘simplifychess’ website.


The claim that Chief Minister Stalin captured two bishops without moving a pawn while playing chess is false. They are not bishops, but two extra queens placed at the start of the game. It is known that there is a rule to use it.

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