This article is from Nov 23, 2021

Did Stalin mention as ‘Central Government’ to request funds?


Why did he mention as ‘central government’ while requesting financial aid and the other times as ‘union government’?

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M.K.Stalin after becoming Tamil Nadu’s CM mentions it as ‘union government’ instead of ‘central government’. This was opposed by ADMK and BJP parties. And this was appealed in the court where it is informed that there is nothing wrong in mentioning as ‘union government’. Henceforth CM Stalin and other DMK members keep mentioning as ‘union government’.

A newspaper cutting claiming that Tamil Nadu CM Stalin mentioned as ‘central government’ instead of ‘union government’ while requesting funds for the Highways project from PM Narendra Modi, is viral on social media.

What is the Truth?

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When searching for the letter written by Stalin to PM Modi regarding the Highways project, it is found on his social media handles. It is mentioned as ‘union government’ in the said letter.

A few of the media uses the word ‘central government’ even when CM Stalin mentions it as ‘union government’. Even now, in the letter written by Stalin, it is mentioned as ‘union government’ which the media covers as ‘central government’.



It is falsely claimed that the Tamil Nadu CM Stalin mentions as ‘central government’ instead of ‘union government’ while requesting funds from PM Modi. The CM has mentioned as union government which the media has printed as central government.

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