This article is from Mar 05, 2021

Photoshopped photo of Jayalalithaa at MK Stalin’s weaving place!




A photo of DMK leader MK Stalin’s handloom weaving area has been placed with a photo of the late former chief minister Jayalalithaa on the wall and it was shared by many on social media.

Fact Check:

A photo of MK Stalin weaving handloom has been published on dtnext website on May 6, 2019 has been found while searching for a viral image of MK Stalin. There is no photo of Jayalalithaa on the wall.

Some social media users have been spreading this edited photo on social media by adding Jayalalithaa’s photo in the photo through Photoshop.

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With the Tamil Nadu elections appearing, many fake and political Photoshop news is spreading on many social networking sites. Therefore, be aware and before sharing check the authenticity of posts.


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