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Was the Arjun Main Battle Tank built on the Chennai Defense corridor which is started by Modi?


Modiji launched the Defense Corridor in Chennai 2 years ago and the
Arjun Tank, which was manufactured to employ thousands of people, was handed over to the Army by the Prime Minister today.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Tamil Nadu on February 14 to launch various projects, dedicated the Arjun Mark 1A Army Tank to the Indian Army at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai.

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BJP senior leader H Raja had posted on his Facebook page that the Arjun Mark 1A tanker dedicated to the Indian Army by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was created in Chennai Defence Corridor announced by the Prime Minister two years ago. This is shared by others.

Fact Check:

The Arjun Mark 1A tanker dedicated by Prime Minister Modi was built in Chennai, but not on the Chennai Defence Corridor of Tamil Nadu announced by the Prime Minister 2 years ago.

According to The Hindu English, Army Commander General Manoj Mukund Narawane has received a model of a tank designed and developed by the Chennai-based CVRDE (Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment), a division of the Defense Research and Development Organization of India (DRDO).

The Indian Ministry of Defense has approved the addition of 118 Arjun Mark 1A tanks worth Rs 8,400 crore to the Indian Army. The tanks will be manufactured by DRDO’s Combat Vehicle Research and Development Corporation in Chennai in association with 15 educational institutions, 8 laboratories and several MSMEs, ”Times Now reported.

The official website of the DRDO features details on the creation of the Arjun Tank and related information. Also, on the official Twitter page of DRDO, it has been reported that Arjun Mark 1A created by DRDO has been handed over.

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DRDO’s Combat Vehicle Research and Development Corporation was established in 1975 at Avadi, Chennai. It is the main laboratory of the DRDO involved in the development of war vehicles and artillery for the Indian Army.

Participating in the Army Exhibition in Tamil Nadu in April 2018, Prime Minister Modi announced that the Union Government plans to establish a defence corridor in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh and that the country’s economic development will serve as a platform for military logistics production.

However, production has not yet started on the announced in Tamil Nadu. It is learned from the news released till January 2021 that the work including land acquisition is still going on.


In our search, the Arjun Main Battle Tank was not manufactured on the defence corridor started by Prime Minister Modi in Chennai 2 years ago as H.Raja posted. It was developed at DRDO’s CVRDE in Avadi, Chennai. It was also learned that the defence corridor which announced 2 years ago has not yet started in Tamil Nadu.

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