This article is from Sep 20, 2021

Los Angeles clip in the achievement video released by BJP on Modi’s birthday !




A 2.42-minute video listing out and appreciating the achievements of Modi government was posted on the official Twitter page of BJP on Modi’s birthday on September 17th.

The video listed the achievements of Modi’s plans department wise. At 2.24th minute of the video glittering buildings of a city is shown while appreciating for transforming the vision of India that leads the 21st century.

The video does not mention the location of the buildings. However, it looks like the buildings are from India since the video is all about Modi’s plans and achievements. But the clip is from Los Angeles, America.

This clip can be seen at 3.55th minute in a video published in 2011 titled “The Angels – A Los Angeles Timelapse by Matthew Givot”.

Shockingly, a bulb company ‘skyled’ from Pakistan has used this clip for their advertisement in 2017.


The clip of the buildings shown in the video published on BJP Twitter handle on Modi’s birthday is from Los Angeles, America.

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