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Did Karunanidhi praise Narendra Modi as a good person ?


Narendra Modi is a good person. He developed Gujarat so well – Karunanidhi



A newspaper cutting claiming that the former DMK Leader Karunanidhi in one of his interviews, has lauded Narendra Modi for developing Gujarat and has mentioned him as a good person. Followers asked us to check the authenticity of the claim.

20th December, 2013 dated Times of India article reports that when Karunanidhi was asked about Modi, he replied, “My personal opinion is Modi is a good person and has taken much care about the development of his state. He has proved his capabilities as an administrator in Gujarat where the people have elected him repeatedly. But whether he fits to rule the nation, it has to be decided by the voters”, in an exclusive interview to TOI.

Karunanidhi has given an explanation since his speech has created controversies and doubts about the alliance with other political parties in Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

The same day, on 20th December 2013, Karunanidhi’s Facebook post, “Explanation regarding the alliance: While addressing after passing the resolutions in DMK general committee, I clearly spoke that DMK will not have an alliance with Congress and BJP. This speech was provided to the press release also. The supporters of Modi or the sympathisers of the Congress party have deliberately portrayed me as if I have supported one particular party alone. A few of the magazines too have published such news. As a party leader, it is worrying to see biased news. It is also to be condemned. I request not to change my speech given to the press as per one’s wish or against the policies of the party” is seen.


It is evident from the TOI article that Karunanidhi appreciated Narendra Modi as a good person and praised his actions and capabilities as an administrator from his point of view. When it created doubts about the party alliance, he has clarified that his speech was not related to the alliance.

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