Did Time magazine publish a cover photo comparing Modi with Hitler?




Popular magazine ‘Time’ merges parts of the faces of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hitler and publishes it on the cover page captioning it as, “The Return of History. How Modi shattered India’s dreams”.

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What is the Truth?

No cover photo with Prime Minister Modi in 2022 has been published in ‘The Vault’ column on Time magazine’s website.

During India’s parliamentary elections in 2019, ‘Time’ posted a cover photo on Twitter with the caption “India’s Divider in chief”.

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On February 26, 2022, Ukrainian graphic designer Patrick Mulder posted on Twitter how he had made a cover photo of Time magazine by editing the picture of Russian President Putin and Hitler.

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Just as Time magazine’s cover is edited with Putin and Hitler’s image, Prime Minister Modi and Hitler’s image has been edited and is spread in India.


The cover image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hitler in Time magazine has been edited.

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