‘Modi No Entry’ billboard is old and is from AP and not Rajasthan as claimed.


This is Rajasthan, did you understand Gujarat #modi_Go_back #मोदी_वापस_भागो

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PM Narendra Modi is about to address a rally in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district today (May 31). He is all set to launch Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) month-long pan-India campaign, ‘Maha Jansampark’ in Rajasthan after which extensive public events will be held across the country marking 9 years of BJP central government.

‘Modi Go Back’ trends on social media platforms. One such hashtagged tweet carrying a billboard with the caption “Modi No Entry” is circulated widely on Twitter. It is claimed that the billboard is placed in Rajasthan ahead of Modi’s visit. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords on Facebook we found a post carrying the viral image with the caption “Modi no entry flex in Andhra Pradesh”. The Facebook post is dated 9, February 2019 and was posted by a user named Shamnad Sam.

With further search, we found The News Minute article dated 9, February 2019 carrying the viral billboard mentioning that  ‘Modi No Entry’ billboards were seen in multiple places in Andhra Pradesh around Guntur and Vijayawada ahead of Modi’s visit. Other billboards had messages like “Modi never again” with a cartoon showing Modi running with a massive crowd of angry people chasing him from behind.

The article further mentioned, “Even though no political party has claimed responsibility for the act, the images have appeared on billboards that were previously put up by the Telugu Desam Party, which means the party could have booked these billboard spaces”.

Times Now article is found reporting about the ‘Modi No Entry’ billboards. Besides billboards, black balloons also appeared at several places in the state to protest against PM’s visit, the article reported. Prime Minister Modi was about to address a public rally ‘Praja Chaitanya Sabha’ in Guntur, kick-starting the election campaign for the Lok Sabha polls before which these billboards appeared in multiple places in 2019.


It is found that the billboard with the message ‘Modi No Entry’ is not from Rajasthan but from Andhra Pradesh ahead of PM Modi’s visit in 2019 for a public rally in Guntur.

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