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Was it a photo of Narendra Modi meeting Pakistani Hindus in a camp?


This is a rare picture of a 31-year-old Narendra Modi ji when he came to the camp to meet the displaced Hindus from Pakistan. He is neither the Chief Minister of Gujarat nor the Prime Minister of the country. It is natural to stand with people in grief. That is why we are his permanent supporters.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s old photo of himself talking to people in his youth was seen sharing on social networking sites, claiming to be from a camp to meet Hindus displaced from Pakistan to India.

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We were able to see the same photo and post being shared in other languages ​​across India. Actor Gajendra Selakan has mentioned on Twitter that Modi met displaced Hindus from Pakistan at the Palmer camp. Commonly referred to as camp in Tamil.

Fact Check:

While doing a reverse image search for a photo of Narendra Modi circulating on the internet, the website provides information about Narendra Modi with black and white photos taken from his childhood.

On this website, there is a feature that goes viral under the heading about Emergency. Below the photo, the village of Gujarat is subtitled as Narendra Modi. It does not contain any word for Pakistani Hindus or refugee camp.

Below the photo, “His travels across the state of Gujarat increased in the early 1980s. This gave him the opportunity to visit every taluka and every village in the state. ”

There are no reports that Narendra Modi met Hindus at the Palmer camp in Rajasthan. During a meeting in the Palmer area during the 2014 parliamentary elections, he said, “Hindus displaced from Pakistan will be treated equally like other Indian citizens.”


In our search, it is learned that the photograph circulating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the displaced Hindus from Pakistan in the camp was not taken in the camp but in the villages of Gujarat in the 1980s.

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