This article is from Feb 09, 2021

Fact Check: Modi says sit, sit… when asking about the petrol price hike!


Modi – How are you, brother…
Speaker – Petrol prices are all up…
Modi – OK, right.. sit, sit! 



When Prime Minister Modi addressed the people through video conference, a person said the petrol price was high. The 13-second video, in which Modi says sit down, sit down, is being shared on social media.

Fact Check:

During the Corona period, Prime Minister Modi changed his appearance with a long beard and hair. In this case, being in a viral video looks like it happened a few years ago. They are editing an old video and going viral to criticize Prime Minister Modi for keeping up with the current petrol price hike.

Searching for Prime Minister Modi’s video, “Prime Minister Modi addresses a video conference in Marathi message ABP MAJHA on May 2, 2018” has gone viral.

In the 28th second of the video, when Modi talks to the person. That person replayed Ram Ram only, there is no mention of the petrol price hike. His voice and response are too different.

According to a Marathi report, the Prime Minister spoke in Marathi people from Nashik, Maharashtra, who benefited from the Prime Minister’s Mudra Yojana in 2018, and addressed several peoples, including Hari Kanor Tagore.


In our search, the viral video that “when Prime Minister Modi addressed Modai says OK, right.. sit, sit! and when the person replays about the petrol prices are all up” was edited one.

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