This article is from Jul 17, 2021

Did Sun News publish a picture of Modi in RSS attire for Corona third wave related news?


Sun news has recruited an intelligent meme creator. Hs is approaching every news as a meme.

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In recent times, many of us have witnessed teasing and creative approaches on television news cards. News cards are being approached as a meme in the way of photo selections.Especially Sun News.

Now, “mutated viruses are dangerous ; mutated viruses are at high risk. Corona 3rd wave should be blocked quickly!” is the information that has been conveyed in the Sun news Newscard which has gone viral on social media. Because, the photos used here are of PrimMinister Narendra Modi’s current pic and his very old picture in the RSS attire. The news is created in a way that it draws parallels with the dangerous mutated covid wave with the Prime Minister’s transformation. This newscard alleged to be created by the Sun News has gone viral.

What’s the truth?

Searching on its Facebook page about the news card published by Sun News on July 16, 2021, the news card actually features only the current photo of Prime Minister Modi. The alleged Sun news card is a photoshopped one.

Facebook link | Archive link 

It has become a routine that the newscards of well established news organisations are being photoshopped and getting into the social media circulation. Youturn has debunked several of these in recent times.

Conclusion :

In our search, it is clear that the alleged Sun news news card which compares PM Modi with the Corona third wave is fake.

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