False information claims that it was said by the Chennai Commissioner… The media outlets corrected the news later!


If you post on social media against PM Modi’s visit, you will be arrested immediately – Chennai Commissioner warns.

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Prime Minister Modi is coming to Chennai to inaugurate the 44th International Chess Olympiad to be held in Tamil Nadu on July 28. For this, Ministers AV Velu, Meiyanathan, and City Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal inspected the Nehru Indoor Sports Stadium.

Speaking to the media after the inspection, the Chennai Commissioner said, “Those posting against the visit of Prime Minister Modi are being monitored, and if they post on social media against the visit of Prime Minister Modi, they will be arrested immediately,” leading news media outlets reported. This news has gone viral on social media and is being heavily criticized.

DMK, its allies and associations oppose BJP and Prime Minister Modi, by regularly trending the hashtag gobackmodi during Modi’s visits. The media has spread the wrong news that the Chennai Commissioner in the DMK regime has said that if people post against Prime Minister Modi, it will be an arrest.

What is the truth?

In an interview given by Chennai Commissioner Shankar Jiwal to the media, “7 layers of security have been installed at the Nehru Indoor Stadium. There have been some traffic changes on the roads near the Nehru Stadium. Police checkpoints are set up and monitored at all places like bus stations and railway stations in Chennai. Due to security reasons, helium balloons and drones have been banned from flying in Chennai on 28th and 29th.”

Then a reporter asks, “some organizations are going to protest against Prime Minister Modi. What is the action for this sir? Is there any precautionary organization specific arrest?”, he answered, “Action will be taken according to the kind of activities, words and actions used against. Social media, online & offline are being monitored,” he replied.

After Youturn published a News Card on the misinformation, the news media outlets have been changing the news by deleting their false news reports and editing the article. In particular, channels including Puthiya Thalaimurai and News 18 have edited the news.


A false message is being spread that the Chennai Commissioner has said if anyone posts on social media against PM Modi’s visit, they will be arrested immediately. It is to be noted that the media which published the wrong information are correcting the news.

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