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False photo spreading as Modi worshiping Gandhi and Godse!


Say now, What is the name for them in our town? Here is a bow to Mahatma Gandhi and a bow to Godse who shot and killed Mahatma Gandhi…!! The country will shine…!!

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The above photo was being shared on Facebook as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi worships Mahatma Gandhi and Godse who killed Gandi.

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Facebook link | archive link

This is not the first time rumours have been circulating that Prime Minister Modi is worshipping Godse. It is not Godse who is in the photo they are sharing, it is Savarkar. While searching for it, it was posted on Narendra Modi’s official Twitter page on December 30, 2018, with a photo of Savarkar going to his cell in the Andaman Cellular Jail.

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The news has come out with a photo of the Prime Minister visiting the Andaman Islands in 2018 and paying homage to the Savarkar photo. Similarly, a video of Prime Minister Modi visiting the Andaman’s’ cellular jail has been released on the PMO India YouTube channel.

Prime Minister Modi visited the Andaman Cellular Jail in 2018 and paid homage to Savarkar’s photo there. Earlier, a photo of Prime Minister Modi worshipping in front of a statue of Savarkar was also misrepresented as Godse.


In our search, it is possible to know that Savarkar is in the photo which is being spread that Prime Minister Modi worshipped Gandhi and Godse who killed him.

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