No, Modi didn’t wave his hands to the clouds but rather to the nearby fighter plane in the video


Modi waves hand while flying above the cloud O % common sense 100% Stupidity

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PM Narendra Modi becomes the first PM to fly in a fighter jet, specifically the indigenous Tejas fighter, which showcases India’s indigenous capabilities. According to the Defence Ministry, the sortie was carried out from the Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment, Bengaluru, and lasted 30 minutes.

In this case, the shared post shows an image where PM Narendra Modi is waving his hand while flying in the fighter jet. This post claims and mocks questioning to whom PM waves his hands above the clouds. Similar claims can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

We analyzed the viral image using the simple Google reverse image process, which led us to a video shared by ANI on 25, November 2023 on its X handle. The video is captioned as “Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew a sortie on Tejas aircraft in Bengaluru, Karnataka, earlier today.

In the 1 minute 40 second video, around the timestamp of 47 seconds, we were able to see a fighter plane flying along PM Modi’s plane. After seeing that, we see that our PM waves his hand towards the other plane. The image in circulation was taken from the video during that time but shared with misleading narratives on social media.

While searching further, we also found out that a piece of news shared by our PM on his official X handle on 25 November with the caption, “Successfully completed a sortie on the Tejas. The experience was incredibly enriching, significantly bolstering my confidence in our country’s indigenous capabilities and leaving me with a renewed sense of pride and optimism about our national potential.The post also carried four photographs from the event.

Also, he shared the same video of him flying, which shows that he was waving his hand towards a fighter plane flying alongside and not to the clouds.

YouTurn English tweeted the image from the video of ANI showing PM Modi along with the plane flying his side marked in black circle separately for reader’s reference.

This clearly confirms that PM Modi didn’t wave his hands to the clouds.


Thus, we conclude that the shared viral post stating that PM Modi is waving hands to the clouds is misleading. The truth is, it’s a video where he is waving his hands at a fighter plane that is seen flying along his side.

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