This article is from Nov 25, 2020

Is this a video of Prime Minister Modi practising yoga at a young age?


Our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi practised yoga at his young age.

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BJP supporters have been recently sharing an 8.24-minute video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi practising yoga during his youth on social media. They have been posting this video not only in Tamil but also in Hindi on Twitter and YouTube channels.

Fact Check:

When we converted the viral video into keyframes with the Invid tool and did a reverse image search it was able to identify the person in the video was PKS Iyengar, the yoga teacher who created the “Iyengar Yoga” method.

On June 12, 2009 on Tom Martin’s YouTube channel shared a video titled as “Krishnamacharya & B.K.S. Iyengar in 1938 with Yoga Sutras ”is the same 8 minute video that is currently going viral.

Vintage videos of PKS Iyengar practicing yoga in the 1930s have been released on a number of YouTube channels. On the cover of, a cover photo of a DVD video of a yoga practice by PKS Iyengar in 1938 goes viral.


In our search, a video showing yoga teacher PKS Iyengar doing yoga in 1938 is rumoured to be a rare video of Prime Minister Modi practising yoga at a young age. This video was taken in 1938 and Prime Minister Modi was born in 1950.

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