Modi’s latest costume invites attention towards its price and fashion.

Some claim that it is $35 and some claim that the dress is made for women.




This cost only 35 dollar

Thank you Modi ji for saving some bucks from taxpayer money on your dress this time

Is PM Modi wearing women dress 🤔

Now I understood why his skirt have cut on such weird place 🙈

#Modi #ModiHiPappuHai


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s choice of clothing had always been an issue of contention and ever since the alleged Rs.10 lakh suit debacle in 2015, Narendra Modi’s clothing had received massive attention some in the form of admiration and some in the form of criticism and ridicule. Some even have compiled many of his “costumes” or “getups” in Twitter posts.

During Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Meghalaya, the next poll bound state, which is slated to conduct elections in March 2023, he wore a mixed traditional attire of tribals of the state.  This was even specifically reported in some news outlets which can be seen here and here.

This costume of Modi received some controversy in social media about its price that it cost $35, and some claimed it to be women’s attire.

Some of the posts in social media about Modi’s attire can be seen here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

In our keyword search & reverse image search, we found that the image was morphed from the below image listed in an online shopping site. See here.

It is evident that the image is edited which can be seen through the creases in Modi’s outfit and on the edited image which had been pasted on top of a different outfit listed in the shopping site.

This edited image is used to spread misinformation that Narendra Modi is wearing women’s outfit, and some claimed it to be $35 dollars. It should be noted that Modi very often wears the attire of the state which he visits, and this has been widely reported established over the years.


An edited & digitally manipulated image is used to mislead people into thinking that the Prime Minister is wearing a women’s outfit. Some have also claimed that the outfit cost $35 taking a veiled dig at Modi as he once wore a suit which allegedly cost Rs.10 lakhs and for his Maybach sunglasses among other costly accessories.

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