Social Media thought Modi was dancing in Garba. But it was just his lookalike.

Narendra Modi’s lookalike, Vikas Mahante’s video from London Diwali Mela is used to falsely claim that PM Modi was dancing Garba.


How Gracefully our PM Modiji is playing Garba…!!!

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In the 30-second viral video, we can see many women in colorful outfits doing the Garba dance with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Also, in the group, we noticed one man wearing a beige and black kurta is seen participating with the women in the dance performance. This post is shared claiming that, how gracefully our PM Modi is playing in the Garba.” Similar claims can be seen here, here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

With a combination of keywords and keyframes search of the viral video, we landed on the the Instagram handle of PM Modi’s lookalike, Vikas Mahante. On his page, we saw a reel posted by him wearing the same beige kurta and shawl with a brown waistcoat and participating in pre-Navratri festivities in Mumbai’s Kora Kendra, according to the captions.

Going through his profile, we were able to find another video that states he was called as the Chief Guest for the ‘London Diwali Mela’ and we can see Vikas Mahante in similar clothing.

Here’s a comparison picture from the viral video and the video posted by Vikas Mahante that shows that the viral video was indeed taken in the ‘London Diwali Mela’ and the peson in the video is Vikas Mahante.

Here’s a side-by-side image comparison of PM Narendra Modi and Vikas Mahante. Vikas Mahante has played the role of Narendra Modi in the movie ‘Mission Mars: Keep Walking India’ and he is actually a buisnessman turned actor. He had been frequenting many events dressing up like PM Modi and his uncanny resemblance to the Prime Minister had confused many to believe that PM Modi was dancing with some women in a festive event.


The viral video claiming PM Modi danced for Garba is false. The video actually features his lookalike Vikas Mahante.

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