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Did Moeen Ali ask to remove the liquor ad on the CSK jersey?


During the IPL match, the CSK management agreed to Moeen Ali’s request to remove the liquor advertisement on the jersey he was wearing!

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As the IPL series for 2021 got off to a great start yesterday, one notable piece of news has been circulating on social media and the Tamil leading media for the past week.

Chennai Super Kings player Moeen Ali has reportedly asked CSK management to remove an advertisement for a liquor company in his jersey, which the management has agreed to. Beyond the memes coming up on social websites, many leading news organizations have reported on this.

Going one step further, this news was politicized. Memes were shared that the liquor company belonged to a particular political party in Tamil Nadu and that the party was forcibly placing the advertisement on the players’ clothes.

Fact Check:

There have been instances where many cricketers who follow the religion of Islam have removed advertisements such as promoting alcohol from their sportswear. Hashim Amla, Imran Tahir and several other Pakistani players from South Africa have removed liquor advertisements from their clothes.

Similarly, there were reports that Moeen Ali had also said that the advertisements should be removed and that the CSK management had agreed to it. However, the CSK management has denied the allegations.

Chennai Super Kings CEO Kasi Viswanathan told Indian Express last Sunday that Moeen Ali had not “made any request to CSKA to remove the advertising logo”.


In our search, the information published on social networking sites and news that the CSK management had accepted Moeen Ali’s request to remove the liquor advertisement on the CSK team’s jersey was false. The CSK management itself has made it clear that no such request has been made.


Today’s match between CSK and Delhi did not feature the SNJ 10000 logo on Moin Ali’s jersey. However, we published the article based on information that CSK management denied reports that Moeen Ali had requested the removal of the liquor advertising logo on the CSK jersey.

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