Mohammed Siraj’s tweet dedicating India’s victory to Israel brothers & sisters is from a parody account and it is fake


#INDvsPAK – This is Mohammad Siraj, a patriotic Indian Pasmanda Muslim and a Narendra Modi fan. – He dedicated his great performance to Israel. – Siraj said, “He stands with Israel.” – He stated that every Indian should support Israel as it is India’s official stand. – He also called out Maulana Rizwan, urging him not to engage in any politics and propaganda in cricket. – He referred to him as a fake man and an ordinary cricketer.

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The World Cup Circket 2023 started on 5 October. In this case, last Saturday (October 14) the match between India and Pakistan teams was held at Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat.

Pakistan, who played first in the match, were all out for 191 runs in 42.5 overs. After that, the Indian team played well and scored 192 runs in 30.3 overs to win.

It is claimed that Indian cricketer Mohammad Siraj has said that he will dedicate this victory to our brothers in Israel. A  Twitter post is being circulated in his name and there are also reports that he expressed support for Israel.Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

An investigation into the viral Twitter account of Mohammad Siraj revealed that it was a fake page with the ‘Parody’ name. It is not the official X page of Mohammed Siraj.

A post going by the name of Mohammad Siraj on India’s win against Pakistan has been mentioned as ‘PARODY’ in its Twitter bio. And only about 2,700 people follow that handle. It says ‘Mohammad Siraj’. But his real name is ‘Mohammed Siraj’.

Further checking his official X page, he has posted ‘3 W We continue the work’ following the win between India and Pakistan. Similarly, there are no recent posts about Israel on his page.

A parody is a satirical presentation of something. But creating a fake account in the name of a sportsperson and naming it as a parody is not a parody.

And in this India-Pakistan match, Pakistani player Rizwan was dismissed for 49 runs and when he returned to the pavilion, chants of ‘Jai Sriram’ were raised. It is noteworthy that there are criticisms that this is an act of insulting the players of other countries.


In our search, we conclude that Indian cricketer Mohammed Siraj dedicating India’s victory in the India-Pakistan match to our brothers living in Israel in his X post is fake. In reality, the X account sharing such news is a parody.

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