A morphed image of Supriya Sule sitting on CM’s chair is viral.


Look who is sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair – Sheetal Mhatre

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Shivsena Spokesperson, Sheetal Mhatre shared a photo of Supriya Sule claiming that she is sitting on CM’s chair.

What is the truth?

When the keywords related to the viral tweet is searched on Twitter, several tweets were found with the same claim.

A tweet of Clyde Crasto, NCP’s National Spokesperson, denying the claim with the original picture and morphed picture is also found.

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When the pictures are searched to check the veracity, it is found that Clyde Crasto’s post is true.

With further searching, Sudhir Suryawanshi’s tweet was found, which describes the reason behind sharing the morphed picture.

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It is found that Supriya Sule’s Facebook profile picture is morphed into an empty chair image.

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Congress Leader, Aditi Nalawde shared a tweet explaining how the picture was morphed with an empty chair picture from April 2021.

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The claim that Supriya Sule was sitting in CM’s chair is a morphed image.

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