Morphed video of RBI Governor is shared to spread fake news!




A video is being shared in social media with a claim that RBI Governor had advised users to call particular numbers if they lost their phones to block payment apps such as Phonepe, Google pay, PayTM etc.

What’s the truth?

Looking at the video, we could hear a glitch at the beginning of the video which indicates that video had been tampered with. To confirm, we took key frames from the video that is being shared on social media to find its origins. We were able to find that the video was initially published on 5th May 2021. RBI Governor’s speech was focused on economic recovery and performance. The transcript of the speech is available here.

However, there was no mention of blocking payment apps in case someone loses his phone in that speech. Press Information Bureau had fact-checked the video and deemed it that the video had been digitally altered and the audio we hear is not the RBI Governor’s voice.


In our search, we find that the video shared by some social media users with a claim that RBI Governor had directed users to call some numbers to block their payment apps if they lose their phone is fake.

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Ramasamy Jayaprakash

Ramasamy works as a Sub-Editor at YouTurn and writes English articles. He makes videos for YouTurn's Tamil & English YouTube channels.
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