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The world’s most expensive school with an annual fee of Rs 82 lakh, and the charge against it!


Le Rosie in Switzerland is the most expensive school in the world. Annual tuition fee $113,178 (Rs. 82,98,827.78)



Le Rosie is one of the most expensive schools in the world. Le Rosey School, located in Switzerland, continues to be the most expensive school in the world.

Le Rosie school was founded in 1880 by Paul Cornell, Le Rossi is Switzerland’s leading international boarding school. It is one of the oldest and most expensive schools in the world.

The school’s main campus is located in Chateau de Rossi, Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne. The school has two campuses for the winter and the rest of the year. Students between the ages of 8 and 18 can study not only French and English but also international languages.

Le Rossi will receive an annual tuition fee of $113,178 (Rs. 82 lakh in Indian currency) in 2019, according to the website Thoughtco. An Indian businessman’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the school, alleging that her daughter was bullied by her classmates at the world’s most expensive school, which charges €100,000 a year.


The Daily Mail reported in May 2020, “Millionaire parents of a student who was allegedly bullied by classmates have filed a lawsuit against the world’s most expensive boarding school. Indian businessman Pankaj Oswal says a Swiss school that charges €100,000 a year has failed to protect his daughter. However, the school administration has denied the allegation.

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