This article is from Nov 25, 2020

Photo of serial actresses who go viral as mother and daughter helping the poor!


A mother and daughter who help poor children by giving half of their salary.

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The photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that the two men in police uniforms are a mother and daughter, both of them donate a sum of money from their salaries every month to help poor children.

The post, which was released on the Aishwarya Facebook page in May 2019 and has over 27,000 shares, is now going viral again.

The people in the police uniform in the photo are serial actresses, not real mother daughters. The one on the left is Deepti who played the role of IPS in the Malayalam TV serial ‘Parasparam’. Her name is Gayathri Arun.

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Last year too, the photo of serial actress Gayathri Arun in a police uniform was mistakenly viral as the police shot the private part of the man who sexually abused the girl.


In our search, we are able to find out that the people in the photo are Malayalam serial actresses in that fake news, where their photos are spreading as both the mother and daughter are coming to give a small amount of money to the poor children every month.

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