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Is it a picture of 92-year-old Motilal Vohra touching Rahul Gandhi’s feet ?


92-year-old Motilal Vohra touches 51-year-old Rahul Gandi’s feet. Manmohan Singh is seen holding a flower bouquet. This kind of slavery people exists only in congress. Slaves in Congress should be ready to touch anyone’s feet anytime.

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Some of the BJP supporters seem to share a picture on social media platforms claiming that 92-year-old Congress senior leader, Motilal Vohra touched Rahul Gandhi’s feet.

What is the truth?

Seniormost leader of Congress Motilal Vohra is the Former Chief Minister and Governor of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh respectively. He died at the age of 92 on 21st December 2020. A picture claiming that Motilal Vohra touching Rahul Gandhi’s feet was being viral since 2019.

But the person in the picture claiming to be Motilal Vohra is a Congress leader T.S.Singh Deo.

The picture was originally captured in 2018 during the oath ceremony of the Congress party in Chattisgarh. The picture shows T.S.Singh Deo bending down to touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet.

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‘India Today’ has published an article when this picture went viral for the first time in December 2018. The article says, “T.S.Singh has denied the action of touching Rahul Gandhi’s feet. Another Congress leader RPN Singh said that Singh Deo tried to touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet during a conversation in the entrance which Rahul Gandhi stopped him doing”.


From our search, it is found that it is not 92 years old Motilal Vohra in the picture but is T.S.Singh Deo and the photo was taken during the oath ceremony in Chattisgarh.

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