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Rumour has it that a BJP youth wing leader raped a cow in MP!


The Madhya Pradesh BJP youth wing leader, who visited the cowshed, was chased away by the villagers after hearing the cow’s cry and was handed over to the police.

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DMK supporters are sharing the video on social media claiming that a BJP youth leader has raped a cow in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

What is the truth?

If we look closely at this photo, it can be understood that the people in this photo are not Indians. Also in the bottom right of the photo is the website www.Kampucheathyme.com which is the name of a daily newspaper in Cambodia.

And it is mentioned as Madhya Pradesh BJP youth leader, but did not give any information including the name of that leader.

In the search for the recent incident of cow rape in Madhya Pradesh, “Madhya Pradesh police has registered a case against an unidentified man for indulging in the unnatural act with the cow after the CCTV footage of the incident in Gwalior went viral,” Times Now reported. Also, there is no news that a BJP youth leader raped a cow in MP.


The information being circulated about the rape of a cow by a BJP youth leader in Madhya Pradesh is false. It can be known as a photo published in the news of Cambodia.

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