MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s viral video with the claim of stopping Kamal Nath is fake and edited


Shivraj said “Do anything, stop Kamal Nath”. Shivraj accepted defeat, said that we were giving Rs.1250…Kamal Nath ₹ will give 1500. We were giving the promise of cooking gas for Rs 450, but they will actually give us the gas cylinder for Rs 500. They are also giving in other states.

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A viral video depicting Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressing concerns about the BJP’s prospects in the upcoming state election against Congress MP Kamal Nath is viral. In the video, he can be heard allegedly trying to stop Kamal Nath from coming into the government. It is being claimed that Shivraj Singh Chauhan has accepted his defeat even before the elections.

In this Viral video, MP Shivraj Singh Chauhaun can be heard saying to the people present in the meeting. “I am repeatedly saying that stop Kamal Nath, if congress comes, it will start giving everyone Rs 1500 per month and start giving gas for Rs 500. Then this time. So leave it this time and it’s impossible to win next time as well. We have given Rs 1250 to some people, they will give it to everyone. We have only given the promise of getting a gas cylinder for Rs 450, they will actually give it. Because they are giving it in other states. Yes. Brother, do anything, stop Kamal Nath.”  The video was tweeted by the X (formerly Twitter) handle of Pawan Dixit (@incdixit) with such a claim. The same video is being widely shared with the same claim and can be seen here and here.

What is the Truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the audio has been overlaid with fake mimicking of CM Shivraj Shouhan to portray that he made such claims. In the viral video we can clearly see news agency ANI logo. Taking a hint from ANI logo visible in the viral video, we ran a keyword search on ANI’s X handle and found that the original video was uploaded on June 13, 2023. The caption of video reads, ‘“Bhopal | Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan holds a review meeting with ministers of the state government and senior officials over the incident of fire at Bhopal’s Satpura Bhawan.” The video has no audio and shows no long shots whereas in the viral video, the audio is clear without any ambient sound, suggesting it was recorded separately. This proves that MP CM Shivraj made no such statements about being worried about losing to congress’s Kamal Nath in the election.

The same visual was found on other news reports including Times of India and News X. But none of these videos have the audio heard in the viral video. A fire incident that happened in Bhopal was reviewed during the meeting as reported by Free Press Journal on June 13, 2023.

Live Mint dated 13, June 2023 reported that a massive fire broke out at Satpura Bhawan in Bhopal, housing government offices, was finally doused after over 13 hours of firefighting. No casualties were reported as officials safely evacuated everyone before the fire spread. The Business Standard reported that CM Shivraj Chouhan would chair a high-level meeting to review Satpura Bhawan fire incident the same day.

Multiple reputable media outlets have covered the review meeting organised and none of them mentioned Shivraj Chouhan Singh talking about Kamalnath as claimed. If he had spoken something as claimed, it would have been reported by multiple mainstream media channels. This viral clip is found to be fake and altered, which is being shared with the intention of election propaganda. So, it is found that the original claim is not true and has been misled.


The viral video clip is altered, in which fake and fabricated statements have been added in the voice of Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The video in which audio has been added is of a meeting held in the Ministry after the fire at Satpura Bhawan in Bhopal, in which the Chief Minister held a review meeting of the incident.

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