Mukesh Ambani endorsing a new scheme with a woman is a scam hoax video


An urgent statement from the richest man in India Mukshet Ambani

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In the 20-second viral video, we can hear Mukesh Ambani making an important announcement for residents of India, a new investment project for the people of India. He is seen saying “I personally support the project so everyone can earn without risk and appoint Sona Agarwal as the head of the project. Go to Sona’s telegram channel and write you are from Ambani’s musket and she will help you earn money.”

This video was shared by a user namely ‘Sona Super’ on her Facebook page which got a whopping 11000 likes, 647 shares, and 10 comments. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the simple Google reverse image process we got our hands on the 40th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited. There we can see the same outfits worn by Mukesh Ambani precisely as it is in the viral clip shared by the user. The original video was posted on the official YouTube channel of Reliance Jio on July 21, 2017, with the title ‘Reliance AGM 2017 – Jio Feature Phones Unveiled by Mr. Mukesh Ambani | Reliance Jio.

Another important thing to notice is the voice of Mukesh Ambani used in the viral clip doesn’t match the original voice and it seems to be overlaid.

Likewise, when we started our research on the woman displayed in the viral clip with Google Lens we found the same image with the same outfit but the woman in the original picture is Nita Ambani, the wife of Mukesh Ambani along with their son Anant Ambani from the Getty Images. The image is uploaded with a description, ‘India’s richest man and oil-to-telecom conglomerate Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani (R) along with his wife Nita Ambani (C) and their son Anant Ambani arrive for the company’s 41st AGM in Mumbai on July 5, 2018.’

This proves that, the viral image is a work of editing and morphing of another head on the already available person. Here, this might be possible with the help of today’s technology and they have inserted another woman in the place of Nita Ambani’s face. But they didn’t alter the outfit which helped us to locate the original picture more easily.

Meanwhile, there is also a telegram channel link attached to the Facebook post shared the user Super Sona. So we went into the link to gather more information regarding the user. The channel is named as ‘Indian Money Coach’ with a description “Let’s make money for u my friend 🤝 Trust me and I’ll make u rich! DM ➡️ @sona_familly”. This channel has some 8000 plus subscribers.

When we reverse searched with the image present on the profile picture, we landed on a Instagram page with a user name Sukhneett Wadhwa’ called as “mscocoqueen”.

It seems that the telegram channel has used  the pictures of the woman from the Instagram handle. We also noticed that, the woman has highlights in her page stating ‘Fraud Alert’ and there are two clips uploaded on 30 April saying “somebody is impersonating me and kindly report if you come across this user.”

She also added that, mostly they use telegram channel because there we can do secret chats, then she said, she is receiving direct messages regarding this every day and they even fraud people by asking for money for the new venture, so kindly beware of this user. I’m not the Sona Agarwal who is asking you money, so don’t pay and this is completely a scam and report this account if possible. Interestingly, earlier this year there are some articles regarding the fraud that she displayed in the screen grab of the video too.

This further proves that, the woman shown in the viral image may be a AI work and moreover the telegram channel is using this image of the woman from her Instagram page which is circulated with false claims.

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Thus, we conclude that the above viral clip showcasing Industrialist Mukesh Ambani with a woman claiming Sonu Agarwal announcing new scheme is a morphed work widely spread on social media is a complete hoax.

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