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Was Arnab Goswami attacked by the Mumbai police?


Photos of Arnab Goswami being beaten and trampled by a Mumbai police belt!




Two photos spreading as Republic TV news editor Arnab Goswami was beaten and brutally kicked by a Mumbai police belt. After the arrest of Arnab this have gone viral on social networking sites including Twitter across India.

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BJP spokesperson Gaurav Goyal has posted these two photos on his official Twitter page stating that if this is true then the Maharashtra Govt has asked for the dooms day.

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Mumbai-based architect Anve Naik is said to have blamed Arnab Goswami for his death in a letter he wrote when he committed suicide in 2018.

Arnab Goswami was arrested by Mumbai police yesterday (November 4) for allegedly reopening a case that had already been closed. Arnab was dragged away by police for not cooperating during the arrest. But Arnab accused the police of assaulting him.

Meanwhile, two photos have been circulated alleging that Arnab Goswami was brutally beaten by the police. The photos were featured in a news release on News 18 on January 10, 2020, entitled “Legs Held Up, Shoe on Face, Belt Buckle Beating: On Cam, UP Police’s Punishment for‘ Phone Thief ‘”as the two photos were searched.

The video of a man stealing a cellphone and being brutally beaten by police with a shoe and a belt has gone viral in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district.

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The full video of the arrest of Arnab Goswami by the Mumbai Police has been released on the YouTube channel Bar & Bench. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh on a man who allegedly stole a cell phone was wrongly spreading as Mumbai police’s brutal attack on Arnab.

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