Murder of a woman with ‘om’ and ‘trishul’ tattooed hand is shared with a false communal angle.

Incident of a beheaded body found dumped in a suitcase in Mumbai has no communal angle.


A 25 year’s old Hindu girl’s headless body recovered from sea stuffed in a suitcase. It’s a WAR against Hindu’s. Everyday they are killing our daughters & sisters…

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A photo of a person’s hand with ‘om’ and ‘trishul’, Hindu religious symbols tattooed is shared widely mentioning that it is of a 25 years old Hindu girl whose headless body was recovered from a suitcase in a seashore. It is claimed that the incident is “a war against Hindus” mentioning as “everybody are killing our daughters and sisters”.

Posts with this image are being shared with the context that Hindu women are killed by Muslims quoting the viral image incident as one such. This image was also tweeted by Radharamn Das, Vice President and Spokesperson of ISKCON Kolkata with the same claim and was deleted later. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the incident has no communal angle.

An article dated 3, June 2023 by mid-day is found carrying the viral image mentioning that a Woman’s headless body was found in a suitcase at Uttan beach in Mumbai’s Bhayandar on 2, June 2023. Preliminary investigation suggests that the woman’s body was brutally chopped into three pieces. The woman’s hands and legs were tied with a rope and was found inside a suitcase with her head missing.

With further search, ANI tweet dated 2, June 2023 is found reporting about the incident. The tweet initially reported about the murder and updated on a threaded tweet that the deceased woman is identified as Anjali Mintu Singh. She was murdered by her husband and brother-in-law (Mintu Rambrij Singh and Chunchun Rambrij Singh) after her husband suspected her character, said Uttan police.

Aaj Tak reported that the woman’s body was cut into two and one is found dumped in a suitcase. The police traced the accused with the help of the tattoo on her hand. The article further mentioned that CCTV footage of the accused (both the brothers) has surfaced, in which they are seen taking out the dead body from the room after filling it in a sack. The investigation on finding the severed head is being carried out by the police.


It is found that the viral image of the ‘om’ and ‘trishul’ tattooed hand is of a Hindu woman who was murdered by her Hindu husband and brother-in-law. They beheaded her and dumped her headless body in a suitcase and dumped into the sea. This incident is shared by many with a false communal spin that the murder was done by a Muslim relating the murder to love jihad angle.

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