Music video from ‘Anbe Vaa’ is created with multiple visuals, not from New York Philharmonic Orchestra.


Music played from Tamil movie *Anbe vaa* starring *MGR* and *Saroja Devi*. Music has no language. Played in New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Even if we pay money we can’t get this clipping

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A video purportedly showing an orchestra playing music from a Tamil movie ‘Anbe Vaa’ that stars MGR and Saroja Devi is shared widely to claim that it was played in New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. This video is viral at least since 2022.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is not real but was created with multiple pieces of video clips from various other orchestra performances.

A Youtube channel named ‘vimalpercy’ is found to have uploaded the video with blurred visuals on 15, August 2021. The title mentions ‘Piano tutorial’ in it. The visual was initially added to give visual context to the instruments being played and was later blurred as the video is circulated with misleading context that it was real, as stated in the description part of the video.

It is further mentioned that the channel owner tried to reproduce the song in a symphony style and a tutorial in Electrical Guitar. And that the static videos uploaded before were not good for viewing, the owner further added some bits and pieces of Orchestra videos to support the music.

The description part quoted “This is not real orchestra which played the song”. Hence, it is clear that multiple video clips of Orchestra performances are appended in a way to match the song.

The Youtube profile of vimalpercy mentions “Tamil Film Song Keyboard Tutorial. Added song for inspirations before the tutorial video to show the song is not important to reproduce the song exactly same when you play it or re create it.”

We tried to find the source of the visuals and found that some of the visuals are taken from a 9-year-old video titled ‘Mozart Violin Concerto Hilary Hahn’, and some from 5-year-old videos titled ‘RCO BRASS EXCERPTS: Mahler 2 – Daniele Gatti’ and ‘Mahler 2nd symphony brass choral Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, D. Gatti’.


It is found that an edited video of music from a Tamil movie ‘Anbe Vaa’ with visuals from multiple orchestra performances is falsely shared as a real orchestra performance in New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

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