This article is from Mar 16, 2020

Fake News Alert: A Muslim doctor contracepted 4000 Hindu women !


An Islamic doctor, Mohammed Raffi, removed the uterus of 4000 Hindu women. This is a new kind of Jihad. Women who go to Muslim doctors should be aware of it.

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A picture claiming that a Muslim doctor was arrested by police for removing the uterus of 4000 Hindu women who came for treatment is viral on social media. Followers asked us to check the authenticity of the claim.

What is the Truth?

When the picture is reverse searched, news articles about the doctor Mohamed Shafi from Sri Lanka were found. Religious attacks on Muslim people have increased in Sri Lanka in 2019 after the bombing incident.

It was on several media outlets in May 2019, that a Muslim doctor who is in contact with terrorist associations has contracepted 4000 Sinhalese Buddhist women secretly. The doctor is said to be working in Sri Lanka’s North-west region Gurunehala.

May 24, dated news articles say that the doctor Mohamed Shafi was arrested by Gurunehala police, but, Mohamed Shafi has denied the allegations.

26th June 2019, dated India Today article reported, “Sri Lanka court grants bail for doctor accused of sterilising 4000 Buddhist women”.

On 5th July 2019, the AFB website published, “The Criminal Investigation Department of Sri Lanka has filed a 210-paged report in the Court saying that there is no evidence that the doctor Mohamed Shafi has sterilised women without their interest, and there is no evidence that the doctor has contact with the terrorist association as per Law Enforcement and Intelligence of Sri Lanka”.

There is no further news about Dr Mohamed Shafi. The rumour spread against Sinhalese women last year is now circulated as it has happened to Hindu women in India.

Another fake claim that Srilankan Muslims hotel used contraceptives in the food was viral, and it created a riot. It is to be noted that the same rumour was spread as if it has happened in India.

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