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Islamist who arranged marriage for Hindu women as a maternal uncle | Misinformation spread as adopted!


In Maharashtra, a Islamist brother has arranged marriage for two Hindu sisters in Hindu custom who were raised by him. This is the highlight of my country.

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Two photos of an Islamist in Maharashtra adopting and raising two Hindu sisters are married off at the same time according to Hindu custom have been circulating on social media in various languages. We decided to explore to the truth.

When we searched for this, most of them were sharing the news based on information by Malayalam News18 and scoopwhoop’s News posted on Twitter. They say, “Bababhai Pathan, a Muslim from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, has adopted two sisters and arranged their wedding according to Hindu custom at his own expense.”

Fact Check

While reversing the viral photo we found that, Satyajeet Tambe, President of the Maharashtra State Youth Congress, tweeted on his Twitter page, “Since Ms. Busare, a teacher from Nagar district, has no brother, she ties a rakhi thread to Bababhai Pathan every year. Yesterday, Babaji performed the rites as maternal uncle and performed the duties of a brother at the wedding of the two daughters of the Busare family. A beautiful example of social and religious harmony. ”

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Similarly, on August 23, journalist Arif Shah posted two photos on his Twitter page saying, “Bababhai Pathan, a Muslim from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, has adopted two sisters and wedded both of them according to Hindu custom at his own expense.” In that tweet, Kaurav Thede said, “Corrections! Bababhai is doing his duties as maternal uncle. Because, she ties a rakhi thread to Bababai Pathan every year. The two women are not orphans and have not been adopted by Bababhai Pathan. ”

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In a further search, Zee News reported on the sister’s wedding, as well as an interview with the girl’s mother and Bababhai. They also mentioned that he did his duties only as an uncle.



In our search, Bababhai Pathan, an Islamist in the state of Maharashtra, has been performing rituals since he was an uncle at the wedding of two daughters of Bhusare who tied a rakhi for him. This act is applaudable. But it is possible to learn that the photos are being spread incorrectly as the brother who adopted, raised and married two Hindu sisters.

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